Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counseling Ministry

Purpose: The purpose of this ministry is to disciple Christians on how to handle problems Biblically. The Biblical counselor helps the counselor restructure his/her life totally — that is, to change permanently from one who is defeated to one who can successfully meet every trial of life and continue steadily to grow in the likeness of Christ.

Our Biblical Counselors: Our counselors are under the supervision of our church leaders and are trained in the use of the Scriptures and the principles of Biblical Counseling. They are committed to the position that Scripture provides the only authoritative rule of faith and standard of conduct (2 Timothy 3:16-17). They do not base their counseling knowledge on their own opinions, experience, or concepts of behavior, but seek to marshall the full range of Biblical truth to bear on the counselee’s needs (2 Peter 1:2-3; Isaiah 55:8-9).

Biblical counseling can help you learn how to handle any problem you are dealing with victoriously!

The IBC Biblical Counseling Ministry is approved by
The National Association of Nouthetic Counselors