Hannah: Happy Mother’s Day
Hannah: Happy Mother’s Day

Hannah: Happy Mother’s Day

Scripture:  I Samuel 1:1-28

I.    Vs 1-8                        Her Sorrow
This is more than a story about a childless woman, it is a story about the 
redemption of a nation. The Lord sent his son to redeem the world and Samuel 
was sent to redeem Israel. The book of Judges declares that “In those days 
there was no King in Israel, so every man did that which was right in his own 
eyes. Samuel was a very important part of God’s plan and so was Hannah. The 
fact that she could not celebrate Mother’s Day caused her a lot of pain and 
sorrow. Her home life was depressing, because she had to help raise Peninnah’s 
children. Hannah was barren (no children) and had to share her husband with 
another woman (Peninnah). She had to endure year after year of not receiving a 
Mother’s Day card, because the Lord shut-up (closed) her womb. Yahweh the 
giver of life stopped her from conceiving and this caused her to refuse food, 
weep, and have a broken heart. Peninnah (adversary) was not gracious and made 
Hannah miserable by provoking her daily. Don’t you see Peninnah saying “I’m 
successful and blessed and telling Hannah she was a failure and barren. Hannah 
was frustrated and only a son could fill the emptiness in her heart. *Point: 
We were born with a huge hole in our soul that only Christ can fill. Hannah 
needed a son and we need the Son of God.

II.    Vs. 9-18               Her Supplication
Hannah is in deep distress and she turned to the only one who could change her 
hopeless situation. She turned to Yahweh with tears and a broken spirit. 
Hannah’s affliction lead her to the Tabernacle and she not only prayed, she 
made a vow to give her man child back to the Lord forever. A vow is serious 
business, but let’s examine her prayer for just a moment. Her prayer was 
sincere, because she was in bitterness of soul and wept sore. Her prayer was 
specific, because she requested a man child (son). Her prayer was unselfish, 
because she vowed to give her son back to the Lord forever. *Point: Your 
prayers should be sincere, specific, and unselfish. This was a Nazarite vow 
which is a binding contract with the Lord. *See: Numbers 6. Hannah was 
dedicating her son to the Lord before she ever had a son. This was a prayer of 
faith and trust. *Point: Hannah had the qualities of a mother before she had 
any children. Take your sorrow to the Lord.

III.    Vs. 19-23              Her Son
Hannah and Elkanah had been trying to have children together for years, but 
this time was different. This time the Lord remembered (opened her womb) 
Hannah and she conceived. Hannah had a son, but this was so much more than 
just an answer to prayer. A childless woman was considered to be under a 
curse, because being a mother was a blessing directly from the Lord. So, in 
biblical times women attached their womanhood (value) to bearing children 
(son). Children (son) would carry on the family name and provide for their 
parents in old age. Hannah named her son Samuel and this privilege was 
normally reserved for the father. Samuel means name of God and this would 
serve as a reminder to Hannah about the goodness of the Lord. Every time 
Hannah called Samuel she thought about the Lord. Every time she saw Samuel she 
thought about the Lord. *Point: God is good and Samuel was living proof. To 
all the mothers, when you see your children remember God is good.

IV.    Vs. 24-28        Her Sacrifice
Hannah enjoyed her blessing and weaned Samuel for about three years and then 
she give him to the Lord. Don’t miss the fact that before she honored (kept 
her word) her vow, Hannah made sacrifices to the Lord. She sacrificed animals 
and she sacrificed her son, but Samuel was a living sacrifice. He would serve 
the Lord as a judge for his entire life. *Point: Hannah did what every mother 
must do and that is she gave Samuel to the Lord. Her decision was complete, 
irrevocable, and a sacrifice of her God given blessing. *Here is a question: 
When the Lord blesses you with something/somebody do you honor him with the 
blessing?  Don’t enjoy the gift and forget the (Lord) giver of the gift. 
Hannah did not stop being a mother, because she gave Samuel to the Lord. The 
commercial says “that you are in good hands with Allstate”, but I believe 
“that you are in the best hands with Jesus”. To all the mothers: Happy 
Mother’s Day and thanks for all your sacrifices.

I hope this was a blessing to you.

Because He Lives
Bro. Mack