Greetings in Christ!
I hope you have been enjoying the sermon series, “PMGF” and that you have found them helpful. The theme is stewardship, with the encouragement to help us look at our lives from different perspectives to see how we can improve our service to Christ and relationship to our fellow believer.

Once again, the sermon series titled “PMGF.”
The first sermon was titled “PMGF”. It is the title of the sermon series and the first sermon of a total of 11 sermons.
“PMGF” helps me understand how important it is to “Put My God First.”

Here’s what we have preached thus far:
The first sermon title was also the title for our sermon series:
“PMGF”, which means “Putting My God First”
This sermon was followed with these sermon titles and topics:
“GGTP” – Giving God the Preeminence.
“LLTL” – Love like the LORD.
“OTHS” – Obey the Holy Spirit.
“RMGP” – Realizing My God-given Potential
“ISGH” – Improve Spiritual Growth Habits

Keep in mind, that the first letter of each sermon title also will spell out an acrostic when we are finished with the sermon series. I hope you have been with us from the beginning. Five more sermons to come, and then the Big Acrostic Reveal!

Can you already make out what the final Acrostic is? Take a guess or two and get back to me.

This coming Sunday, February 25, the sermon title is “FOYV”

Do you know what “FOYV” stands for?
Let me hear from you as to your guesses, I would like to share them with the church, your name will remain anonymous.

I hope to see you in services this week at Immanuel Baptist Church.

Remember, this Sunday evening is the AWANA Grand Prix. This will be held during the 6:00 PM service over in the Activity Building.

Pastor Taylor