Neil Ward Performs at Roundup Sunday

My name is Neil Ward and I was born and raised in the small, blinking light town of Supply, NC.  Things were much simpler back then.  I am married to Ashley Ward who is currently expecting a new addition to our family. We have three wonderful kids Destiny, Olivia, and Caiden.  I grew up riding horses but back then the knowledge and understanding of these magnificent animals was limited from a relationship stand point.

Fast forward to 1996. I had my leg shot off in a terrible hunting accident and the doctors said there was no way to save my leg.  One doctor wanted to try and save my leg and after several surgeries it was was attached after having painful bone grafts, skin grafts, and muscle grafts.  Though surgeries went well, I was told my physical activities that I once loved was over. I was told I would never work or walk without the use of a cane. I know Christ and I gave it all to him for he is greater physician.

Since my abilities were compromised, I searched for better ways to do work with horses. During this journey my closeness with God grew for his presence was undeniable. I learned many life lessons through this and started to share them with others. I have been involved with horse therapy with EC children through our public schools, and worked therapy programs with active duty marines at Camp Lejeune for three years. I also compete in the wild mustang makeover competitions , colt starting competitions, and rescue competitions. I help rescues on a county, state , and national level. So I’m blessed because I have learned to enjoy the journey no matter the obstacles because they are part of the path also. I can’t wait to continue my journey by sharing with y’all!

After the homecoming meal, Cowboy Neil will introduce his horse Aikido and demonstrate the relationship between horse and master, as the Father relates to his children.