A Great Bible Study for the New Year
A Great Bible Study for the New Year

A Great Bible Study for the New Year

Here’s a great Proverbs Bible study you can do all together as a family, or assign to your older children to do as an independent study, during the new year.

Step 1: Pick a topic that the book of Proverbs addresses.

Some good possibilities include friends, parents and children, our speech, a fool versus a wise person, pride and humility, money, our relationship with God, food and drink, self-control, handling temptation.

Step 2: Read a chapter of Proverbs each day for a month and look for verses about your selected topic.

An easy way to keep track of which chapter to read is to look at the date. On the 1st of the month, read chapter 1; on the 2nd, read chapter 2; and so on. Since most months have 31 days, you’ll be able to get through all 31 chapters quite simply.

Step 3: Write down what you find out about your selected topic.

Whenever you see a verse that relates to your topic, write down what it says about that topic. And be sure to note the reference (chapter and verse).

Step 4: At the end of the month, look back through all your findings and summarize them.

Read through the truths that you have found during the month. If you are doing this study as a family, discuss your topic and try to state your findings as general guidelines for life. If your older children are doing the study on their own, they can write their summaries.

Step 5: Select another topic for the next month and repeat Steps 1 to 4.

This Bible study is a great way to get the wisdom from Proverbs into your hearts and minds, as well as develop a habit of daily Bible reading. It’s a simple study that can bring profound results.

You can easily make a notebook in which to keep track of your topics and record your findings and summaries.

Let’s make 2017 a year of getting God’s wisdom into our hearts and minds—and our children’s.