Your Christian Journey
Your Christian Journey

Your Christian Journey

When you accept Christ as your Savior, you begin a journey with Him. He longs to have you grow closer to Him and to grow to be more like Him. Here are several things you can do to help you as you walk with Him.

PRAY DAILY, confessing your sins and asking for God’s direction in your life. Go to Him for all of your needs. This is your way of having fellowship with God. You can tell Him anything and be sure He is listening!

READ THE BIBLE, God’s textbook for life. Start with the Psalms or the Gospel of John if you are uncertain where to begin.

ATTEND CHURCH where the Bible is taught so you can be continually fed from God’s Word. Get actively involved in serving God through a ministry within the church.

SEEK OUT A GOOD BIBLE STUDY GROUP.  Many churches have small groups that meet during the week to read and discuss various topics that will help you deal with specific areas of growth in your life.

SEEK FELLOWSHIP with other believers. Make friends with other Christians and make it a point to spend some time with them regularly. Working or studying in small groups is a wonderful way to do this!

SHARE YOUR FAITH with those who do not know the Lord. Tell them about the changes God has made in your life. Show them how they, too, can find the joy you found in knowing and walking with Christ.