How have you dealt with PMGF?

This Sunday, and over the next several Sundays, ​Pastor L.C. Taylor will be ​​handling the major issue of PMGF. Down through the years this has become a major problem in the world, but sadly it is the same for so many Christians! This Sunday, hopefully, we will bring some clarity to the PMGF​ topic.​ Everyone … [Read more…]

New Year’s Resolutions

For Christians, if God is central in the New Year’s resolution, it has a better chance for success. God gave human beings free will, and He never oversteps that freedom to make choices. God’s Word certainly has made clear which choices are better than others, but God never forces His people to comply. Choosing to … [Read more…]

Christmas Concert with Chad Muncy

Please join us December 24th, Christmas Eve  @ 6:00 PM for a concert featuring local artist Chad Muncy. During this event, Chad will sing some of the “All-time” favorite Christmas carols and hymns as well as some of the most current Christmas songs.